The characters in The Canterville Ghost

Main characters: The ghost, Virginia and Mr. Otis.
Secondary characters: Washington, Mrs. Otis, the twins, Duke of Chesire, Lord Canterville and Mrs. Umney.

LORD CANTERVILLE: The owners of canterville chase who sold it to Mr. Otis. He warned about the ghost.
MRS OTIS She looked like an English Lady. She had been a well-known Ney York beauty.   The mother isn't scared of the ghost and even asks him if he wants a remedy for his stomach.
MR OTIS: The father of the Otis family. The American Ambassador. He bought the Canterville Chase. He comes from a modern country where they have everything that money can buy. He is determinated, inflexible, rational, practical and pragmatic, in conclusion a true American 
VIRGINIA:  Was a lovely girl of fifteen with large blue eyes. She was a good sportswoman and loved to ride horses. In respect to her family she is kind and with weling heart. The daughter is the only one in the family who is scared by the ghost. She never speaks except to the ghost, at the end of the story.

THE TWINS: Two happy little boys who laughed and shouted a lot. They liked to play tricks on people and were often punished for them. All  along  the story, they imagine jokes and even dress up as ghosts.
WASHINGTON: Was Mr. Otis son. He was a famous and excellent dancer. He was a very sensible young man.
MRS UMNEY: She was the housekeeper. She was an old woman in a black dress. She believed in the ghost. She was a representative of old British traditions. 
THE GHOST: His name was Sir Simon and died in 1584, his spirit still haunts the Chase. He murdered his wife. He disappeared and his body was never discovered. . His aspect is very terrible: He is an old man, his eyes were as red burning coals, long grey hair fell over his shoulders in matted coils, his garments, which were of antique cut, were soiled and ragged, and from his wrists and ankles hung heavy manacles and rusty gyves.

DUKE OF CHESIRE: He is a handsome young scapegrace desperately in love with the fifteen-year old Virginia Otis. When Virginia vanishes, he insists on being part of the search party. As soon as she reappears, he smothers her with kisses. His devotion is rewarded, and Virginia consents to become the Duchess of Cheshire.

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